Why Petrone Risk

We are more than legal consultants

Why Petrone Risk?

With more than a decade of Legal Risk Management experience, Petrone Risk, LLC (Petrone Risk) offers a unique approach to addressing our clients’ needs. Petrone Risk provides more than just legal consultation. Instead, our collaborative team approach allows highly-qualified legal professionals, NIMS certified professionals, and risk management staff to work alongside our clients.

Petrone Risk efforts are focused on the identification and prioritization of legal risks, with a particular emphasis on those related to emergency preparedness, safety and security programs and, thereafter, proposing strategies and remedies to address them and, more specifically, with regard to the contemplated project, documenting existing practices, developing enhancements to protocol, and highlighting the facility through the submission of a Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (SAFETY Act) application. Our processes, which combine significant legal background with traditional risk management methodologies, enable Petrone Risk to assist clients in the navigation of risks within the complex compliance and regulatory environments in which those entities exist as well as highlighting the proficiency of the facility and its security program using the SAFETY Act submission processes as the vehicle.

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