Stay Prepared. Stay Safe.

Does your organization have an Emergency Operations Plan? What about Business Continuity Plan or Standard Operating Procedures? Does your technology or venue have a SAFETY Act acknowledgement? Do you know what protections you gain from the SAFETY Act? Are you interested in a live exercise to prepare your organization should a horrific event occur?

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Analyze and assess every element.
  • Document Review
  • Site Visit


Develop and enrich plans that are reflective of practice.
  • Emergency Operation Plan (EOP)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Training Portfolio
  • Public Information Officer (PIO) Manual
  • Best Practice Model


Execute and entrench documented plans in the organization to educate and prepare.
  • Public Information Officer (PIO) Training
  • OP Companion Materials Training
  • Table-Top Exercise


Audit the effectiveness of existing practices and evolve through lessons learned.
  • SAFETY Act
  • Information Technology and Cyber Risk Management
  • Ransomware Assessment and Mitigation
  • IT Audit Services
  • Information Security Management Consulting
  • Resiliency Maintenance Services

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The Department of Homeland Security has awarded Dedrone Designation Status as Only Counter-Drone company currently acknowledged under the SAFETY Act. This rigorous acknowledgment process led by Kathleen Lupia and the Petrone Risk team reflects the robust capabilities of Dedrone’s ability to protect against drone threats and attempted acts of terrorism.

Stay Prepared. Stay Safe.

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