Business Continuity

A resilient organization is one that can absorb, withstand and rapidly recover from the impact of business interruption and continue to maintain and provide its accepted level of service. To achieve this level of resiliency, it requires an ongoing practice aimed at strengthening organizational infrastructure and plans that are tailored to address objectives and protective measures that ensure for optimal continuity of operations.

Business Continuity Services

Table-Top Exercise

Designed to test the resilient nature of organizational continuity of operations

  • Exercises in accordance with respective Best Practices and DHS standards, including consultation regarding agenda items, attendees, scenario selection, preparation of participant feedback forms, assistance with debriefing and Hot Wash sessions and completion of After-Action Reporting documentation surrounding the Exercise

Business Continuity Consultation Services

Evaluation and analysis of continuity of operational guidelines and specifications through consultation and review in conformance with:
  • Applicable best practices
  • Industry standards
  • Documented plans/procedures/protocol/manuals
  • Related contract formation
  • Design and infrastructure specifications

Benefits of evaluation and analysis:
  • Resulting findings and recommendations
  • Extrapolated data and information translated into Plan

Consultation in support of:
  • Organizational benefits and limitations/obstacles
  • Roadmap/timeline specific to business continuity goals

Business Continuity Plan

Framework for minimizing business interruption and optimizing business continuation under post emergency circumstances

  • Department by department analysis:
    • Critical business function
    • Departmental dependencies
    • Essential technological resources
    • Recovery time objectives

Cyber Security Audits and Assessments

The ability to reduce threats, close gaps, and manage risk while navigating a world of growing interconnected networks and systems.

Consultation services in support of: 
  • Compliance and Attestation
  • IT audit
  • Penetration testing
  • General consulting

Benefits of evaluation and analysis:
  • Strengthened controls surrounding the people and processes within the various environments of an organization including:
    • Administrative
    • Physical
    • Technical

Resiliency Services

Entrenchment, maintenance and enhancement of continuity of operations infrastructure and organizational defined goals.

  • Review and update of continuity of operations plan documents

  • Consultation opportunities in support of:
    • Procedural and policy changes
    • Contractor/vendor agreements

Global Benefits

Limit Liability
Robust Plans and Protocols
Return on Investment
Potential Insurance Premium Benefits
Organizational Awareness of Risk Profile
Essential Infrastructure Development
Risk Reduction
Increased Safety and Security Posture
Strategic Planning and Implementation of Objectives
Competitive Advantage
Optimized Staff and Partner Relationships
Enhanced Industry Standard Conformance

Stay Prepared. Stay Safe.

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