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John Petrone II, Esq.

Petrone graduated from Manhattan College and received his Juris Doctorate from Syracuse University College of Law. He is an attorney/Legal Risk Manager and has significant experience in the area of risk management. The scope of his risk management practice includes athletic organizations, security companies, municipal (county/city/town/village), education (primary/secondary/post-secondary), not-for profit, and for profit risk clients.

Areas of expertise also include civil litigation encompassing commercial litigation, commercial transactions, areas of general insurance defense, including auto, general liability, malpractice, labor law, municipal law and property damage, professional liability litigation, managed care facility litigation, officers and directors litigation, employment practices litigation, environmental litigation/mass toxic torts in the areas of asbestos, lead, and mold, and risk management.

He has overseen matters in both civil and corporate litigation that formed the basis of his law practice. Further, in his role as President of Petrone Risk, he manages projects and oversees legal risk management analysis, SAFETY Act initiatives, and emergency preparedness initiatives.

Kathleen Lupia, Esq.

Attorney/Legal Risk Manager Lupia is a graduate of the Accelerated Liberal Arts/Law Program offered at Syracuse University. She attained her B.A. from Syracuse University and her J.D. from Syracuse University College of Law two years later condensing her undergraduate and graduate experience into six years. While in law school, she realized her interest in corporate law and participated in the General Counsel Certificate Program, which allowed her to focus on critical corporate issues at the outset of her career.

Her years of experience as a civil litigator were focused on matters involving general liability claims, slip and falls, professional liability, toxic torts such as asbestos, lead, mold, and environmental law matters, and auto property damage, forming the basis of her unique skill set essential to that of a Legal Risk Manager. Additionally, her proficiency in insurance coverage issues and her significant experience in assessing the existence of coverage and preparation of coverage opinions provide an essential backdrop in understanding insurance coverage matters particularly as it relates to business continuity strategies and SAFETY Act submissions specifically with regard to professional athletic organization clients. Successful Legal Risk Management requires continuous learning. As such, her practice areas of focus continue to grow and evolve. She has developed a systematic approach to convey key Legal Risk Management and emergency preparedness strategies with other legal professionals, security personnel, corporate officers and directors, organizational thought leaders, administrative staff, business owners, and employees generally.

Attorney/Legal Risk Manager Lupia leads Petrone Risk’s work with sports and entertainment venue risk management engagements. She currently focuses her efforts on representing Petrone Risk’s professional athletic organizations, facilities and facility ownership and management entities, municipal, governmental, not-for-profit, and for-profit clients for which she conducts Legal Risk Management analysis, SAFETY Act initiatives, and emergency preparedness initiatives. In her role as Attorney/Legal Risk Manager, and as part and parcel of the above-described projects, she is generally responsible for developing applicable plans, protocols, and manuals, developing training materials, preparing draft and final SAFETY ACT dual submissions, and facilitating training for client organizations.

During the duration of her tenure as counsel, she has been involved in civil and corporate litigation matters that originally formed and continue to form the basis of her Attorney/Legal Risk Manager dual status. She was a co-developer of the Legal Risk Management Division and has been leading the firm’s Legal Risk Management engagements consistently since that time. As such, she has worked on a multitude of projects which have been accomplished on behalf of professional athletic organizations, professional athletic facilities, municipal entities with ownership interests in like facilities, and secondary learning institutions.

Nicole Petrone, Esq.

Nicole is a graduate of Hartwick College and attended Syracuse University College of Law where she attained her Juris Doctorate. Before joining Petrone Risk, Nicole served as an extern to the Honorable Glenn T. Suddaby, Chief U.S. District Judge, and First Judicial Department Justice Barbara Kapnick. Her tenure at these two placements spurred her interest in federal and state statutory and regulatory compliance, specifically within the commercial sector.

Additionally, and during her time prior to joining Petrone Risk, she was a summer associate at Ahmuty, Demers & McManus, a Manhattan based insurance defense firm, where she developed a proficiency in civil litigation, which continued to evolve prior to her current role at Petrone Risk. Her understanding of federal regulatory compliance, particularly as it relates to SAFETY Act submissions regarding professional athletic organization clients, is imperative for the developing area in this regard.

While at the firm, she has been involved in civil and corporate matters that form the basis of her Attorney/Legal Risk Manager dual status. She has seen the area of the law and regulatory standards progressively evolve within the world in which we live today. More specifically, she has focused her area of practice on development and formation of Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manuals at their inception, as well as formulation of companion training materials and development and presentation of Table-Top Exercises. Such projects include professional athletic organizations, stadium ownership, stadium management, municipal, governmental, not-for-profit and for profit organizations, SAFETY Act initiatives, and emergency preparedness initiatives.

Moreover, she counsels clients in the following areas: commercial real estate acquisitions, officer and director litigation, employment law, employee handbooks, contract law, and other matters of general corporate compliance.

Donald G. McPherson

For more than a quarter century Don McPherson has worked in collaboration with Wright Risk Management (now Wright Insurance Group), a New York State based firm providing violence prevention and health and safety prevention education in schools throughout New York State. This work paralleled cutting-edge work in higher education, consulting with more than 350 college campuses and adjacent communities. This partnership has kept McPherson in the forefront of safety and prevention, combining his acute knowledge and experience of sport and social issues with the expertise of one of the nation’s leading risk management firms. Don McPherson recently joined forces with the Petrone Risk team in support of their emergency preparedness projects on behalf of an eclectic client base focused on facilities hosting mass gathering events.

Don McPherson has served as a board member, consultant, and advisor for several national organizations including the Ms Foundation for Women, the US National Committee for UN Women and the National Football Foundation. McPherson recently served as a member the NCAA Task Force on Sexual Violence and the NCAA Board of Governors Commission to Combat Sexual Violence. Currently he serves on the board of directors for the NYC Chapter of the National Football Foundation, the Advisory Board of the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities, at Stony Brook University, and is a member of the advisory boards for Press Forward and the Solidarity Council of Vital Voices.

Don McPherson is the author of You Throw Like a Girl: The Blind Spot of Masculinity, which chronicles thirty-five years of harnessing the power and appeal of sport to address complex social justice issues. You Throw Like a Girl is an acute examination of gender-based violence and introduces “aspirational masculinity” to the conversation and work of engaging men.

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