Hard Rock Stadium Awarded SAFETY Act Designation by Department of Homeland Security

Hard Rock Stadium, the venue owned and operated by Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross, has been awarded a SAFETY Act Designation from the Department of Homeland Security, DHS’s second-highest accreditation, in recognition of the stadium’s security practices.

South Florida Stadium, which operates the stadium, is host to the Miami Dolphins, University of Miami Hurricanes, Orange Bowl, concerts, international soccer matches, the upcoming Super Bowl LIV in 2020 and College Football Playoff Championship in 2021. The Designation applies to the entire stadium property, including the seating bowl, suites, gates, loading dock, perimeters, field, lockers rooms, utility and mechanical systems, command center and inner parking areas, and applies to NFL and non-NFL ticketed events at Hard Rock Stadium.

Officially known as the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act, the act promotes the creation and deployment of anti-terrorism best practices and technologies. Venues awarded SAFETY Act Designation or Certification receive a significant level of liability protection in the event of a terrorist attack.

New York-based consultant, Petrone Risk, helped guide Hard Rock Stadium through the SAFETY Act application process.

The Designation is valid through June 2023.

Global Benefits

Limit Liability
Robust Plans and Protocols
Return on Investment
Potential Insurance Premium Benefits
Organizational Awareness of Risk Profile
Essential Infrastructure Development
Risk Reduction
Increased Safety and Security Posture
Strategic Planning and Implementation of Objectives
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Optimized Staff and Partner Relationships
Enhanced Industry Standard Conformance